About Ali NADIMI

Founder, CFO, R&D Specialist

Ali Nadimi grew up in Arlington, TX to humble means and a loving family. As a child, Ali’s passions were taking things apart, reading about cars, riding his bike, playing soccer, and being outdoors. He learned the value of financial independence at a young age as he watched his parents struggle as college students and raising two young boys. He dreamed of a day when he and his family would be free to live the life that they wanted.

As a young man, he developed many traits and characteristics that would be instrumental in life and business. As a freshman on the varsity wrestling team at Lamar High School, he would take many blows both physically and mentally and struggled daily to find the willpower to continue, to improve, and to compete. His resolve paid off. By the end of his Sophomore year, Ali had become a very talented athlete and as a Junior and Senior he was one of the top ranked wrestlers in the State of Texas. In addition, his father, Sayyid, introduced him to physical labor by creating a boot camp of home and automotive tasks that never seemed to end. These experiences combined to form an iron will and a relentless drive to achieve his dreams.

Preferring independence and challenge to a steady paycheck, Ali avoided the common jobs most high school and college students had and instead found work in places where he would be in charge of his success. These included stints in landscaping, automotive repair, and IT services. As a freshman in the University of Texas at Arlington, he was determined to do something different and special with his life. In 2003, Ali founded Social Smoke from his bedroom while finishing his senior year earning his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and graduating with a 3.8 GPA. Over the years, Ali would be instrumental in many aspects of Social Smoke including web development, tobacco research and development, and manufacturing to name a few. Today he lives in Dallas TX with his loving and supportive wife, travels constantly, loves the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur, and thanks God daily for the blessings in his life.

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