About Mohammad NADIMI

Owner, VP - Research & Development

A middle child with siblings a decade older than him, Mohammand Nadimi grew up quickly in Arlington TX. Mohammad figured out at an early age that nothing is sacred and everything is for sale.

Not happy with his buying power from his humble monthly allowance, Mohammad started off selling toys to his friends and quickly upgraded to buying and selling event tickets. Mohammad’s luck would soon change for the better as during his summer break between his 6 and 7th grade, his father Sayyid made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. “Come to work in the family business and save money for your first car, if you plan on getting one”. A natural aversion to physical labor, compounded by hard work and long hours in a hot warehouse might have factored into Mohammad’s immediate interest in a small top secret tobacco manufacturing and R&D project. His fresh eyes and enthusiasm kept the project alive in the face of continued difficulties and eventually Mohammad became the lead. This small project laid the foundation and created the recipe for Social Smoke Tobacco. Today Mohammad is in charge of all new product development, quality control, and daily manufacturing operations in what has blossomed into America’s largest manufacturer of American Hookah Tobacco.

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