Owner, CEO

Dr. Sayyid Nadimi, P.E., wasn’t born in Texas but got here as fast as he could. Born in Iran and grew up in Los Angeles, Sayyid learned and perfected the combination of hard work and unstoppable willpower.

It was this combination that propelled Sayyid through his Doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at Arlington while simultaneously conducting research, publishing articles in international technical journals, and teaching young minds the complex theories of circuits and “EE”. After doing his time at the university, Sayyid took his unique skill set to Bell Helicopters Textron where he earned the title of Principal Engineer and Technical Resource Specialist. Later on he cooperated with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) as a Designated Engineer Representative (DER) to oversea FAA requirements at Bell Helicopter’s. By 2005 however, Sayyid’s role in the small but growing Social Smoke Inc, required additional time and focus and after careful consideration (and some doubts of insanity), Sayyid resigned from Bell Helicopter to join his sons in the family business. Since 2005 Sayyid has been instrumental in many aspects of the business including holding the position of CEO and Vice-President of Procurement & Supplies, and has earned the unofficial title of “Scarfather”. Sayyid lists Arlington TX (and all surrounding areas) as his hunting ground and is enjoying his 30’s more than the first time.

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